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Multipurpose Venous training Arm (S401) - Gaumard


Product Descriptions


Our multipurpose training arm provides all features of a conventional intra venous arm, as well as the ability to practice intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. Use of this superior simulator provides a safe and sanitary teaching and learning experience for you and your students as well as both satisfactory familiarity with the anatomy of the human arm and knowledge of medication administration and aseptic techniques.


  • Prominent venous network
  • Simulated cephalic, basilic, antecubital, radial, and ulnar veins
  • Subcutaneous injection areas on the volar side of the forearm and the lateral side of the upper arm
  • Intramuscular injection site in deltoid area
  • Veins in dorsum of hand
  • Simulation of clenched fist and tourniquet position
  • Simulation of collapsed veins
  • Simulation of infusion technique
  • Blood collection exercises with simulated blood
  • Administration of medication by intravenous bolus
  • Resealing veins and outer skin
  • Realistic "pop" as needle enters vein
  • Smoked Lucite® base with stand
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Set-up kit with simulated blood concentrate, pressure bulb, blood dispensing bag,
  • Spare arm skin, funnel, and talcum powder
  • Instruction manual



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