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IV in Arm/IV Trainer



IV Trainer_Arterial and Venous Patient Training Arm S402


Arterial and Venous Patient Training Arm S402 - Gaumard



Product Description



IV in Arm   products with a multipurpose training arm for arterial and venous exercises. Arterial pulses are automatically generated at the radial and brachial locations with a peristaltic pump.



  • Standard intravenous, infusion, and blood collection techniques
  • Pulsatile arterial flow
  • Arterialstick exercise
  • AV anastomosis/hemodialysis
  • Subcutaneous injection areas on the volar side of the forearm and the lateral side of the arm
  • Intramuscular injection site in the deltoid area
  • Venous network in arm and hand
  • Arm connects to all Gaumard adult simulators
  • Pad for incisions and suturing exercises
  • Squeeze bulb to increase or decrease venous pressure
  • Veins stand out or collapse
  • Realistic "pop" as needle enters vein
  • Veins and outer skin quickly reseal
  • Simulation of clenched fist and tourniquet position
  • Set-up kit with simulated blood concentrate, pressure bulb, blood dispensing bag, spare arm skin,funnel, and talcum powder
  • Smoked Lucite® base with stand
  • Soft carrying bag
  • Instruction manual
  • S402
  • Specify right or left arm


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